Diner for the president of the Kazakstan
Private villa in Cannes

Ephemeral restaurant - top marques 2015 & 2016
Grimaldi forum Monaco

10 years rule anniversary of prince albert II
of Monaco

Cocktail of 6000 people outside the palace in Monaco

Monaco yacht show
Chritie's private sales on a yacht

Staff party of the bains de mer company
Diner for 750 people, stars room of Monaco

Cocktail for the russian embassy
Océanographic Museum of Monaco - cocktail for 300 people

Monaco staff diner in the prince's castle in Monaco
Diner for 550 people

10 years rule anniversary of prince Albert II
of Monaco / Robbie Williams concert

Cocktail for 12 000 people in Monaco

Gala diner at grimaldi forum in Monaco
Product presentation for a luxury car brand

Monaco grand prix 2015 & 2016
Terrace service

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